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Your HVAC system is the entirety of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for your home. Beyond heating and cooling, this can also include whole house dehumidifiers or air filters or purifiers. No matter the time of year, your HVAC system is critical to your home comfort and wellbeing.

There are certain signs of a problem somewhere in that system that can be spotted summer or winter, whether you’re heating or cooling. Here are the signs you should be alert to at all times of year. Noticing them early and getting HVAC repair promptly can keep problems minimal.

Strange Noises

Any heating or cooling system—a gas or electric furnace, a boiler, an air conditioner, a heat pump, etc.—will make some noise. The key here is that the sounds the system makes should be consistent. Anything sudden, new, or loud is cause for concern and likely indicates an issue with a mechanical part. Humming, whistling, or banging from ductwork indicates an issue that will plague you all year round.

Unpleasant Odors

There may be a brief whiff of hot dust when you first turn on your heat in the fall. Other than that, odors are not a good sign. Air conditioners can develop mold or bacteria and give off a mildew or vinegar odor. Overheating furnace components can smell hot, electrical fires smell like fish or burning plastic, and gas leaks smell like rotten eggs. Get repairs immediately to avoid extreme safety hazards.

Systems Constantly Running

Whether it’s your heater or your air conditioner, your climate control systems run in cycles. When the thermostat signals that the temperature has left the ideal range, the system begins a cycle, and once the temperature is back within range, the system shuts down, generally for several minutes.

If your heater or AC is never shutting down, you need HVAC repair in Pensacola, FL. It may be that the thermostat is not giving accurate information, or the issue may be rooted in the heater or AC itself.

Systems Short Cycling

If the heater or AC shuts down, but only briefly, starting again just moments later, but not running for long, this is called short cycling. Not only is it the result of a problem (such as poor airflow or a faulty limit switch) but it can be the cause of bigger problems that do serious damage to the overall system. Prompt attention can be the difference between repair and replacement.

Spikes in Utility Bills

While increases in utility bills can have many causes, heating and cooling are the most likely culprits. This is because the majority of energy use in the United States is due to heating and cooling. If it’s already the largest portion of your bill, any change in your HVAC system’s use of energy will have a dramatic impact.

This can be caused by a system being used excessively, such as in the examples of systems not shutting down or short cycling. It can also be caused by damage or deterioration to your ductwork allowing your expensive heated or conditioned air to escape.

If you have any concerns about your HVAC system, we’re ready to help you resolve them.

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