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Having an air conditioner that needs to be repaired is a less than pleasant situation. It can mean a long span of time without any source of cool air. And when you live in Florida, being without air conditioning is never good news.

So what can you do to stay cool while you wait for a professional technician to perform an AC repair in Pace, FL? We have some helpful tips to get you through the wait. We are also happy to tell you that you can rely on us for prompt and effective AC repairs in Pensacola and beyond.

5 Ways To Keep Cool(er) When Waiting For AC Repairs

There is no way to keep fully cool without the help of your air conditioner. However, with some of these tips, you should be able to at least stay a little more comfortable while you wait for your system to be fixed.

  1. Use the fans around the house: Fans cannot cool the air but they can help you feel cooler by allowing your body to evaporate sweat more effectively. At the very least you can use a fan to keep things livable in one or two rooms of the house.
  2. Keep things dark: We realized this one doesn’t sound like much fun but natural sunlight carries a lot of heat with it. Keep the blinds closed and the curtains drawn to keep the temperature in your home lower and more comfortable until you can get your AC running again.
  3. Stick to cold drinks and cold cuts: Using the oven or stovetop in your home is going to Jack up the temperature in the kitchen and probably the rest of the house too. You’ll stay more comfortable and save energy as a bonus if you stick to cold drinks and food items you do not need to cook. Break out the veggies and dip, fruit, crackers, and your favorite iced tea or coffee to tide you over.
  4. If you are waiting for your technician, enjoy some time poolside: Have four or more hours until your technician arrives? Why not make the most of it by jumping in your community pool? At the least, you’ll feel a lot cooler for that amount of time.
  5. Drink a lot of water. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated above all else. The more water you drink the better your body can cool itself by sweating. What’s more, drinking cold water can help you lower your core temperature and help you feel cooler.

Waiting for you are a seed to be fixed can be a bother but hopefully, these tips will help you stay comfortable until the technician arrives. Make sure to go with a professional so that way the repair is a one and done thing! You can trust the professionals at Commander Air Inc. to get your air conditioner up and running again in a short amount of time.

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