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5 Noises Your AC Shouldn’t Make


Living in Florida requires a properly-working air conditioner. That’s why you make sure to utilize best practices when using your A/C and scheduling your yearly maintenance appointment without fail. With that said, however, your system is still going to occasionally need some extra help to do its job.

Even if your system is relatively new, a few years out from its installation per se, there is a chance that consistent use can create a possible repair need. One of the best ways that you can pick up on a problem in your air conditioner is by noting any noises that your system is making that it really shouldn’t make.

Should My System Run Silently?

Modern air conditioners are, in most cases, going to be pretty quiet while they are operating. However, they usually are going to make a small amount of noise when they are running. For example, you’ll likely hear the whoosh of air during the cooling cycle and perchance some clicking when the cycle is over. There is also the chance of hearing a small amount of crackling or soft booming as your ductwork settles.

Aside from these minor sounds though, there are many noises that should prompt concern when you hear them.

Air Conditioner Sounds That Should Worry You

When you hear these noises, you shouldn’t panic but you also shouldn’t ignore them. These sounds are one that should prompt you to reach out for air conditioning repair in Pace, FL sooner than later.

  1. Clicking: We are starting with this noise because it can be tricky. It can be both normal and not normal–the key here is the listen for how long the clicking is lasting. If you are only hearing a small bit of clicking at the end of a cooling cycle, there is no real worry. On the other hand, if you hear clicking consistently throughout the cooling cycle, you should contact a professional soon.
  2. Screeching or screaming: These sounds are going to be hard to ignore and that is a good thing because they should prompt a quick response. Screeching or screaming noises are usually caused by loose or broken fan blades or by a worn-out blower motor belt. The longer these issues go unaddressed, the worse the repair needs will be.
  3. Rattling: A rattling noises can have a couple causes, none of which are good. Rattling can be caused by loose parts in your system or by ductwork that has air leaks or breaks in it that shake and rattle when air is passed through them.
  4. Clanging: Does it sound like there is something that is bouncing around inside your AC system? If so, it is because there probably is. Clanging can be caused by loose parts or debris getting into your system and causing all kinds of trouble.
  5. Buzzing: Last but not least, buzzing is another problematic sound that indicates a service need. This can be created by debris around your outdoor unit hindering airflow, a dirty evaporator coil, a clogged filter, or malfunctioning electrical parts.

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