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7 Noises Your AC Shouldn’t Make


When it comes to keeping your home cool during the summer season, you likely are thanking your lucky stars to have a reliable air conditioner to help. At least you hope that your air conditioner is reliable. The truth is however that if your air conditioner has gotten a little noisier than usual, then your system may not be as reliable as you might think.

Certain noises may not sound like much but if your AC has begun to make new sounds, then you should reach out for AC repair in Gulf Breeze, FL.

These Noises Spell Trouble

If you hear one or more of these sounds from your air conditioner, it is best for you to get repairs sooner than later. The core issue will only worsen otherwise.

  1. Screeching. That screeching or screaming noise is grating. It is also a sign that there is metal scraping against metal within your system such as a blower motor belt without lubricant or a loose fan blade.
  2. Rattling. Does it sound like there is something shaking around inside of your AC unit? It may be a loose part like a screw or bolt shaking in its housing. This will cause extra trouble if it goes unaddressed.
  3. Buzzing or humming. If you notice a buzzing or a humming noise coming from your AC when it is running, you may want to shut the system off. This is a sign of electrical trouble that may lead to a short in the system.
  4. Bubbling: Your AC doesn’t run on liquid but the refrigerant it uses does start out as a liquid first. If there is a leak in the refrigerant line when it is still in a liquid state, air can get into the line and create this bubbling noise.
  5. Hissing. The other part of your refrigerant line holds a gas which, if allowed to leak out, will create a hissing noise. Don’t ignore this sound as the longer it goes on the worse the repair will be.
  6. Clanging. If a rattling sound is ignored it may become a clanging noise. This means that your loose part has broken free and is bouncing around inside the system, causing more trouble.
  7. Silence. last but not least, you don’t want your AC to go silent. While the quiet may be nice, silence means that your system isn’t running at all!

We Can Keep You Cool

If your air conditioner has started to make strange sounds or is exhibiting any other concerning symptoms we can help. The technicians on our team are trained and certified to diagnose and address a variety of issues within your AC system. Every member of our team is happy to help get your system in working order again so you can enjoy a comfortable house this summer. All you need to do is reach out to get started.

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