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How Your Ducts Impact Your Comfort


Summer in Florida gives us a challenge each year: Mother Nature is daring you to stay comfortable. Between the high heat and humidity, keeping your home cool can often feel like a Herculean effort. With the help of an effective and efficient air conditioner, you can rest easier knowing it will be able to keep you comfortable.

With that said, there is only so much your central air conditioning in Gulf Breeze can do if it is working against problematic ducts. We want to make sure you understand the role your ductwork plays and how we can help keep your ducts in working condition to ensure your comfort.

What Your Ducts Do For Your Home

You can think of your ductwork as a delivery system for your air conditioner. Your air conditioner creates cold air but without any help from the ducts, it won’t be able to make any difference in your home’s temperature.

Knowing this, it isn’t too hard to realize that duct leaks and breaks are going to be harmful to your home comfort and to the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Ducts?

Like we mentioned above, your ducts are important in the process of cooling your home off. That means that when there is a problem with your ducts it will hinder your comfort too. There is more than one thing that can go wrong with your ductwork. The key to remember is that you want to get these problems taken care of ASAP before they ruin your indoor environment and harm your AC system further.

  • Dirty ductwork: Over time there may be some level of dirt and debris that collect in your ducts. This debris will get blown into your home whenever you turn on your comfort system. It can also reduce the strength of the airflow that is able to make it out of your vents.
  • Duct leaks: Regular use will wear on your ducts much as it will wear on your AC system. In your ductwork, this wear and tear can result in the development of small holes or leaks. While this might not seem like a huge problem, it can actually reduce your airflow and compromise your home comfort by allowing cool filtered air to escape and dirty hot air to leak in.
  • Duct breakages: Sometimes your ducts are going to encounter an issue bigger than a leak. Problems like a duct breakage may be the result of poor installation or another issue. Whatever the cause, a breakage can fully stop the flow of air from your AC into your home.

How Our Team Can Help

If your ductwork is in need of sealing or repair, you should reach out for assistance as soon as possible. The team at Commander Air Inc. can offer you duct services that will keep your ducts clean and working well. Our duct services will help your comfort and your AC system’s lifespan.

Contact Commander Air to invest in your ductwork. Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations

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