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Should You Use a Ductless AC?


When you’re thinking of upgrading your AC through an air conditioning service in Pace, FL, you may want to consider a ductless AC over a central model. Central AC units may be common, but they certainly aren’t your only choice when it comes to reliable air conditioning.

Ductless air conditioners are a great investment that delivers reliable, efficient cooling through the use of heat pump technology. With a mini split setup that combines an outdoor unit with a number of indoor air handlers, you can rely on a ductless system to deliver cool air effectively. This allows air to be sent directly into a room rather than moved through vents and ductwork.

Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy if you decide to install a ductless air conditioning unit in your home. These can include:

  • Both heating and cooling for your home. Ductless air conditioners can actually heat a home as well. Thanks to the fact that they are a heat pump style of system, you can reverse the direction of their refrigerant flow to provide heating during cooler months, giving you year-round comfort with just one system.
  • Individualized temperature control. You can use ductless ACs to provide greater temperature control throughout a home. Because each air handler can operate on its own, you can create climate zones throughout your home that save energy and improve comfort.
  • Lower energy consumption. Ductless heat pumps consume less power than central systems, especially when you run one air handler rather than all of them. You can get efficient, thorough cooling and heating for less money and energy use.
  • Lower maintenance costs. While you should still have annual heat pump maintenance, you will save on duct cleanings and other upkeep.
  • Adaptable for small or older homes. Small houses and vintage properties may not be able to easily accommodate ductwork. A technician can easily integrate ductless AC into those homes that don’t have existing ducts.
  • Improve indoor air quality. Since there is no ductwork, ductless air conditioners eliminate the dirt, dust, and air pollutants that could otherwise become trapped inside ducts.

Should I Get a Ductless System?

If your home is small or on the older side or doesn’t have ductwork, then a ductless system could work well for you. These systems are highly effective without the more intensive set-up requirements of a centralized AC and furnace.

Ductless air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their reliability and eco-friendliness. They’re able to handle both hot summers and cool winters without a problem, and they can save homeowners money without forcing them to compromise on comfort or air quality.

There are different models available to ensure everyone gets the perfect fit for their home and needs. If you are looking to upgrade from window units, downsize your energy consumption, or retrofit an older home, ductless units are a great option.

Want to learn more or schedule a service to get your ductless system installed? Contact Commander Air today to schedule your appointment.

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