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What is Short Cycling?


When something is up with your air conditioner, the sooner you get the issue addressed the better. But when you reach out to the team at Commander Air Inc. to get that repair scheduled, it can help to know what might be going on with your AC system. For example, if you tell your technician that your unit is short cycling, they will know some of the first potential causes that they may start to look for when they arrive.

But, wait, do you know what short cycling is and what the signs of it are? If not, you can’t really identify this problem to your HVAC technician. That is why we have provided some details on what short cycling is so you know when to reach out for an AC repair in Milton, FL so you can get it resolved quickly.

What is Short Cycling

Short cycling is a term that refers to when your air conditioner’s cooling cycle is cut short. The usual cooling cycle is around 15 minutes long and when your AC system encounters problems it is going to start having problems completing that full cycle. Shortened cooling cycles may not seem problematic but they are actually very harmful to your comfort and the well being of your air conditioning unit.

What Causes Short Cycling?

Short cycling can be caused by a few different issues that your air conditioner may encounter such as:

  • A clogged AC filter: When your AC filter becomes overly clogged with dust and other debris it will reduce the airflow that is able to enter your system. This will cause your system to start to overheat and shut down early before it finishes its cooling cycle.
  • A dirty evaporator coil: If your evaporator coil gets dirty, it will hinder its ability to absorb heat and cool the air in your home. This can also lead to overheating in your AC which will cause it to stop its cooling cycle early.
  • A refrigerant leak: Low refrigerant levels will also stop your AC system from being able to absorb heat effectively. This will cause your system to shut down early and will stop it from offering you the cool air you need.
  • Your AC is oversized: Some people think having an oversized AC is going to keep them cooler. The reality, however, is that an oversized AC will encounter shortened cooling cycles and a shower lifespan too.

Combating Short Cycling

Short cycling in your air conditioner is problematic to your comfort, your energy costs, and your system’s lifespan. If you notice that your AC isn’t able to fully complete its cooling cycle, don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals to get the issues assessed and resolved. The sooner this is fixed the more comfortable this summer will be for you.

Contact Commander Air Inc. to stop the short cycle struggle. We’ve been your hometown heating and cooling specialist for more than three generations. We’ve lasted this long because we always go above and beyond for our customers.

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