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Does Your Gas Fireplace Need Repairs?


The next several days in Pensacola are going to be full of cooler temperatures and some rain. This is the best time to kick the gas fireplace on. Not only can it help keep your home warmer, but it also adds a little something extra to give you that extra-cozy feeling.

Gas fireplaces are pretty great additions to the home. They provide the ambiance and comfort of a fire without the mess attached to burning wood and venting smoke. As you already know, these heating units do use more technology than their wood-burning counterparts which means they also require their fair share of repairs.

Since this system uses gas, you definitely don’t want to delay on repairs at any point. We want you to know what the signs are that your gas fireplace needs repairs so you can get them taken care of quickly, for the sake of your comfort and your safety.

Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repairs

If your gas fireplace needs repairs, you are better off getting them taken care of by a professional technician as soon as you can. To do this, it helps to know when the time has come for a gas fireplace repair in Pensacola, FL. Keep your eyes (and nose) alert for any of these indicators:

  • You notice a strange smell: Your gas fireplace is, well, fueled by gas. While natural gas is an energy-efficient and clean-burning fuel source, it can also become dangerous if it is allowed to leak into the home. If you smell gas or rotten eggs, turn off the fireplace, open your windows and doors and contact a professional for repairs immediately.
  • The pilot light is struggling to stay on: Your pilot light is a small flame kept alight by a small stream of gas. If this light won’t stay on, you likely have an issue on your hands such as faulty wiring or a broken thermopile. It is best to have a professional address this repair need.
  • You can see soot: Soot is normal for a wood-burning fireplace, not a gas fireplace. If you see soot on the glass in front of your fireplace, or anywhere around its housing, you will need to call for repairs sooner than later.
  • The fireplace won’t stay on: Much like any heating system that won’t stay on, if your fireplace is struggling to stay lit, you will need to reach out for repairs. This could be due to a number of issues ranging from a problem with the millivolt generator to a venting issue. Whatever the cause, the repair is best left to a professional technician.

Commander Air Provides Reliable Repairs

If and when you realize that your gas fireplace needs repair service, your best course of action is to reach out to a team of professionals like those at Commander Air. We are trained and experienced in dealing with these home comfort systems and our goal is to make sure that they work the way they are meant to so you can enjoy the warmth in your home.

Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations, contact Commander Air today to schedule repairs.

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