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Hop On Your Heating Maintenance


It may not seem like it but cooler weather is coming to our area. We just started to wrap up dealing with Hurricane Zeta so the last thing you probably want to hear about is more weather changes. However, we want you to be comfortable no matter what the outdoor temperatures are and a part of this involves making sure your heater is ready to roll.

With this in mind, we want to make sure that your heater is prepared for cooler nights and some cooler days to come. The best way to ensure your system is prepared is to schedule heating maintenance in Gulf Breeze, FL. If you haven’t gotten this service taken care of yet, make sure to reach out to us to get it knocked out.

What Does Heating Maintenance Involve?

If you haven’t scheduled maintenance before you may not know what exactly is involved in getting this job done. Aside from contacting us to schedule an appointment, you really don’t have much else to do to get your tune-up taken care of. We handle the rest which includes:

  • Tightening: We find and tighten loose bolts before they come free and cause damage.
  • Cleaning: Especially important with furnaces, dirt can hurt your heater. We’ll clean the interior of your heating system and make sure it is running well.
  • Adjusting: Over time, parts of your system may have gotten knocked out of alignment and we can adjust them back to the way they need to be.
  • And more: Checking on refrigerant levels, making sure the sizing for your heater is correct, and more are all included in a yearly tune-up.

How Maintenance Helps Your Heater

Now that you know what is involved in a maintenance service provided by a professional, let us give you a chance to tell you how these tasks will benefit you, your heater, and your comfort.

  • Efficiency: Maintenance will ensure that your heater is able to operate at the best efficiency level possible rather than reducing its efficiency level each year.
  • Operation: Scheduling maintenance is also going to help youor system operate more effectively than it might otherwise which will keep you more comfortable.
  • Repairs: Maintenance addresses a multitude of issues before they can escalate into repair needs. This means repairs will be fewer and will be more affordable when they do pop up.
  • Safety: Last but certainly not least, a tune-up will help to keep your home safe as well as comfortable. A technician can detect potential issues that would create safety hazards and get them taken care of.

Keeping your home warm and safe without any hassle requires the expertise provided by a professional technician. You can rely on the pros at Commander Air Inc. to provide the best tune-up possible so you can enjoy a warm home when it counts. Our goal is to exceed your expectations through unparalleled performace in our maintenance, workmanship, and more.

Schedule your heating maintenance service with the team at Commander Air Inc. Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations.

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