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Watch Out for End-of-Season Heater Repairs


Wintertime weather is slowly but surely beginning to ease up and give way to warmer temperatures. However, we are still seeing daily maximums in the 60s so no one is likely to be turning on their air conditioners anytime soon. Your heater still has some time left before it can rest for the spring and summer. The question is, will your heating system make it that long?

The answer to this question will depend on whether or not your heater has a need for repairs. If your system needs an end-of-season heater repair in Pensacola, your best option is to identify it and call for service from a professional ASAP.

You should schedule repairs if you notice these signs

If you aren’t sure what the indicators might be that you need repairs towards the end of the heating season, we can offer some clarification. Watch out for these warning signs.

  • Noises: If you have a furnace, you are likely to hear a little bit of noise coming from it during operation. However, loud and ongoing noises is not a normal occurrence. Extended clicking, rattling, screeching, and hissing are never sounds that should come from your furnace heater. If you have a heat pump, on the other hand, noise is a big concern because your heater really isn’t supposed to make noise at all.
  • Smells: Its the end of the heating season so there shouldn’t really be much dust left to cause strange scents. If you start noticing any odd smells like burning electrical components, gas or sulfur, it means you have a problem that requires expert repairs.
  • No warmth: Your heater has one job–heating your home. If it doesn’t do this, you should absolutely call for repairs. In a furnace, this is an annoying and potentially dangerous problem. If you have a heat pump, we are still going to urge you to call for repairs, even if you think you can make it the rest of the season without repairs because whatever is hindering the heating process could impact your heat pumps ability to cool your home come summer.
  • High bills: Your utility bills will, of course, fluctuate accordingly with how much and how often you use your heating system. This doesn’t meant that you should have a bill that is twice the amount it normally is when you use your heater for a couple hours. Unnecessarily high utility bills are a warning sign that your heater is having trouble doing its job and is using way more fuel and energy to provide you with the warmth you want.

Don’t skip end-of-season repairs!

Yes, we realize we have brought this up already but we want to make sure to emphasize it for the sake of your time, money, and comfort. It can be tempting to delay your heater repairs because you may not need your heater again until next winter.

Or you might be tempted to ask an amateur for a quick cheap fix. Neither of these choices is the best option though and will leave you with an expensive repair or replacement at the worst time.

For your heating repairs, you can rely on Commander Air, your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations. Call or click today.

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