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How Insulation Helps Your Home Comfort

When you think of insulation, your thoughts may automatically drift toward winter and keeping warm. While insulation does help keep your house thoroughly heated, it also serves benefits when you run the AC, too.

Good insulation in Pensacola, FL keeps your home comfortable all year long. It helps lower the strain on your HVAC system, which can prolong its lifespan and cut down the cost of repairs.

You will find that the right insulation improves energy efficiency, which means you get the same level of comfort for lower costs.

So, how do you know if your home’s insulation is up to par? Here are some signs that you could benefit from improving your home’s insulation with a professional.

What Is the Purpose of Home Insulation?

Most people aren’t aware of how much insulation does for their homes. Along with improving comfort and regulating temperature, it also maintains clean indoor air quality, lowers energy consumption, and lowers heat transfer.

Ultimately, good insulation is a foundational part of any home. Improving yours, either by replacing it entirely or adding to it, can drastically alter the comfort and even cost of owning your property.

Signs You Should Improve Your Insulation

These signs may often come across as a technical malfunction, but they could stem from inadequate insulation. In addition to routine HVAC maintenance, you should consider having a professional inspect your insulation if you experience any of these issues:

  • Inconsistent heating and cooling. Do you notice temperature fluxes whenever you run your home comfort systems? You might think the problem lies with your system, but in reality, your insulation may not be able to properly maintain the desired temperature. A major sign that you need to upgrade your insulation is temperature changes between rooms.
  • Higher energy bills with no change in usage. When your insulation isn’t up to snuff, it can cause your house to rapidly lose heat. This means your HVAC will work harder to reach its target temperature even if you aren’t adjusting any settings. Extra energy consumption can also hinder your system’s efficiency; you may experience reduced performance at a higher expense despite maintaining the same pattern.
  • Worsened indoor air quality. Insulation both retains heat and blocks dirty air from entering your home. Poor insulation can allow more dirty air to pass through your walls, which cycles back through your HVAC and deteriorates your air quality.
  • Reduced AC performance. If you find that your AC never seems to hit its sweet spot for more than a few minutes, the issue may lie in your insulation. Weak and worn out insulation may allow more heat into your home which will force your air conditioner to work harder.

Pensacola Insulation Services

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your home’s insulation, our expert team is always here to help.

Protect your HVAC and start enjoying greater comfort by bolstering your home’s insulation. From better thermal protection to greater reliability, we can suggest the perfect solution to make your home’s insulation its absolute best.

For help with your home comfort, contact Commander Air. Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations.

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