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Systems to Boost Your IAQ


If you walked into a building that was filled with dust and debris, you probably wouldn’t want to stay very long. It is uncomfortable for one thing and it can trigger allergies and other uncomfortable conditions for another.

As you may have guessed, your indoor air quality is highly important not just to your health but also to your comfort. With the help of our HVAC contractor in Pensacola, FL you can improve your IAQ (indoor air quality) and, by default, your home comfort too!

If you are having problems with your IAQ like the ones we have listed below, all you have to do it contact us for a solution.

What Lowers Your Indoor Air Quality

There is more than one issue that can mess with the air inside your home. Here are some problems that may be bothering you:

  • High levels of dust and debris: A lot of dust, pollen, fur, and other debris in your home isn’t just obnoxious because it messes with your ability to keep your home clean. It can also impact your home comfort by hindering your AC’s ability to function efficiently or effectively.
  • High levels of humidity: We know that you are no stranger to humidity while living in Florida, but that doesn’t mean a lot of extra moisture in your house should be okay. It can make it a lot harder for your AC to cool things off.
  • Stagnant air: Stagnant, unmoving air can be uncomfortable to deal with. But opening a window isn’t going to be an option during a heatwave.

How to Improve Your IAQ

So, if your indoor air quality is a little off-kilter or fully out of whack, you will want to figure out how to get it into better condition. Our professional technicians can help with the following systems and services:

  • Duct services: If your ducts are leaking air, it will leak cold air out and let hot, dusty, humid air in. This is the opposite of what you want, of course. Our duct services can seal up leaks or repair breakages to keep your cool air unaffected.
  • Installing filters or purifiers: Air filters or purifiers can help to clean the air in your home. These systems are installed into your ductwork to filter out dust, fur, pollen, and even things as small as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.
  • Installing a dehumidifier: You have the ability to battle humidity with a dehumidifier. This system can balance the moisture in your home so it is at a comfortable level rather than one that hinders your cooling.
  • Add an ERV: Energy Recovery Ventilators pull in fresh air from outside and use the energy already in the cooled air in the home to pre-cool the fresh air that is coming in. This means adding in fresh air without reducing your comfort.

When it comes to your indoor air quality, you only want to trust a professional to provide the services you need to keep you comfortable. We can help. Our trained technicians can provide the services to boost your IAQ.

Contact Commander Air to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

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