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You wouldn’t go to the gym to do an hour-long exercise regimen without the knowledge that it was going to benefit your physical health. We don’t expect you to invest in a system service that would not benefit you either. When we suggest you schedule maintenance for your air conditioner it is because it is going to provide you with worthwhile perks for your comfort in your system wellbeing.

If you have not scheduled AC maintenance already there is no time like the present to get this taken care of. Let us tell you about some of the benefits of getting your AC maintenance knocked out now so that you can rely on your system if and when a heatwave arrives.

What Benefits Are There Of Schedule AC Maintenance?

Living in Florida means we spend a lot more time concerned with keeping cool. Regular maintenance is going to help ensure that your AC system is up to the task. Here are some of the benefits that regular maintenance is going to provide for this vital home comfort system.

Maintenance improves energy efficiency

Regular maintenance is going to increase the level of energy efficiency that your AC operates at. Without regular system maintenance, your system is likely to lose up to 5% of its energy efficiency each year. However, these annual tune-ups have the ability to reverse or reduce the impact of regular wear and tear which will allow it to operate with a higher level of efficiency. That saves you money and improves your comfort!

Your AC will operate more effectively

If your air conditioner is given a yearly tuneup it is likely to operate a lot more effectively than it might otherwise. Having a clean evaporator coil, a new air filter, and tightened parts will help to improve its operation. The better your system operates the less stress it will endure when trying to keep your home cool.

Repair needs are kept to a minimum

No one enjoys having to be without any form of cooling while waiting for their air conditioner to get repaired. You can keep instances like these to an absolute minimum thanks to professional maintenance. Regular maintenance hello will address small issues before they are allowed to escalate into full-blown repair needs. This, of course, will help you save money in the long run while optimizing your comfort.

Consider Signing Up For Our Maintenance Plan

Maintenance in and of itself is highly beneficial to your air conditioner. However, you can make the most of the service by signing up for our AC maintenance plan. When you sign up for our maintenance plan you are guaranteed to get quality service paired with great savings. If you want to make the most of your annual maintenance appointments signing up for our maintenance plan is the best way to do so.

Contact the technicians at Commander Air Inc. to schedule your next AC tune-up. Proudly serving the residents of Pensacola as your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations.

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