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You’ve held out for a few days now but enough is enough, it is time to turn on the heater. You turn on the thermostat and set the temperature to a nice balmy 68°F; now to just sit back and relax while things warm up a bit. But wait…what in the world is that smell?

The reality is that, aside from a moment or two of smelling a little dust burn off of the system, you shouldn’t get any smells from your heater. If you notice smells that are hard to ignore, pungent, and concerning, it means you need to schedule a heating repair in Bellview, FL. You can come to Commander Air Inc. for help with this issue and we will provide the repairs you need to address any of the strange scents we’ve described below.

4 Smells You Might Get From Your Heater

There is more than one strange smell that your heater might emit. They are usually caused by different issues, but all will have the same result: a need for repairs. Check out this list to see if you notice what your nose is alerting you to:

1. Sulfur, rotten eggs, or a “gas” smell

We want to discuss this one first because it is the most concerning. Gas doesn’t have a smell naturally which is why most gas companies add an ingredient to it that creates that distinct smell of gas or sulfur. This way, homeowners can be alerted to the presence of a gas leak sooner. If you smell gas, observe these safety measures first by turning off your system, evacuating the house, calling the appropriate authorities, and then scheduling repairs.

2. The scent of dirty socks or laundry

running your heater shouldn’t bring back memories of high school gym locker rooms. A build-up of moisture and debris can result in the growth of bacteria in your heater that will create this smell. A professional can help with this by cleaning your system and finding ways to prevent this issue in the future.

3. Burning electrical wires or “ozone”

Ozone is a smell similar to the smell of chlorine. This distinct scent can be created when your furnace starts to overheat and harms its electrical components. It is best to address this smell before your system shorts out entirely.

4. Burning dust that doesn’t stop

Yes, a little bit of burning dust at the beginning of your heating season is normal to encounter. If you’ve been running your heater for weeks or even a month or so now and you are still smelling burning dust though it isn’t something to ignore. This persistent scent may indicate that you have a seriously dirty filter or other heating components battling a build-up of debris.

When your furnace or heat pump starts to act up, it is good to have a professional team to turn to get the issue taken care of. We are that team of professionals you can trust with your home’s heating system.

Reach out to Commander Air Inc. to address those odd heater smells. Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations

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