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Dual Fuel Air Conditioning and Heating Systems in Pensacola, FL

Are you lacking the home comfort that you really want in Pensacola, FL? It’s important to have the best home comfort possible all throughout the year when you live in Florida—it’s hot and balmy most of the time but we also experience pretty cool temperatures during the height of winter. Choosing a dual fuel system can help you get the comfort you need all throughout the year.

If you already have a heat pump in your home, you’re already dual fuel capable. This means that you can have one of our technicians retrofit a furnace into your HVAC system and make the unit dual fuel later on. If you need a little guidance choosing an HVAC system you can get in touch with our technicians.

Contact our team today for work on your dual fuel system in the Pensacola area. Your hometown heating and cooling specialists for three generations.

What is a Dual Fuel System?

Let’s start with the basics—what is a dual fuel system?

A dual fuel system is the combination of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace unit. Dual fuel systems are centralized and use your network of ducts to distribute warm or cool air throughout the year. The heat pump is meant to cool your home throughout summer and the furnace is meant to heat your home throughout winter. If the temperature starts to drop low enough, the furnace will kick on and take over. This is a great option to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. You can always come to our team where you’re ready for dual fuel system replacement, dual fuel system installation, dual fuel system maintenance, or even dual fuel system repair.

Why You Need a Dual Fuel HVAC System

So, the idea of a dual fuel system sounds great, but why should you consider dual fuel installation? Well, dual fuel systems are great because they give you the benefits of a heat pump and a furnace while eliminating the drawbacks of both.

We don’t face frigid temperatures in Pensacola, but what’s cold is always relative, if you ever feel like you’re cranking up your thermostat during winter and facing sky-high heating bills as a result, it’s time for you to consider a dual fuel system. Dual fuel systems make a seamless transition from your heat pump to your furnace once when your heat pump can’t heat your home efficiently anymore. A dual fuel system is the best way to keep your home comfortable and efficient—you’ll never have to sacrifice one for the other again!

Our Pensacola Dual Fuel System Services

You’re going to need specialized service if you choose a dual fuel system. This is a system that’s going to provide you with year-round comfort. Heat pumps and furnaces are going to need service from a professional air conditioning and heating technician. If you ever need dual fuel system repair, dual fuel system maintenance or even dual fuel system installation or replacement services, you can come to the professionals on our team.

We’ve worked in Pensacola since 1965. Throughout the years we’ve held steadfast to our core values of integrity, pride, and customer satisfaction. You can count on us to provide you with a system that keeps you comfort all year long.

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