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Milton, FL Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Are you looking for a local HVAC company with an extensive history in the area? You can find that team at Commander Air Inc. We’ve worked in the area since 1965 and we’re committed to providing the best service possible. We base all the work that we do on hard work, honesty, and dependability. It’s how we’ve been able to build a large group of loyal customers throughout the years. You never have to worry about the quality of the work you get with us. Call us when you want work that’s going to really keep you comfortable 365 days a year.

Your hometown heating and cooling specialists for three generations. Give our team a call at 850-456-9971 or fill out our quick form to schedule HVAC services in Milton, FL.

Milton HVAC Services You Can Trust

We know that we’re an HVAC contractor, but we understand how hard it can be to find an air conditioning or heating technician in Milton. We’ve been on the other end of HVAC service too! There is an ample amount of HVAC contractors in our area, but you can’t trust every single team to provide you with the work that you need. If you’re looking for HVAC services you can trust, skip all the guesswork and come to Commander Air Inc. We’re the experts.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Services

Are you looking for air conditioning installation or replacement services in the Milton area? It might be time for you to schedule an appointment with our HVAC professionals. Air conditioning installation and replacement are both two services that are really going to make or break your home comfort. They set the tone for the rest of your system’s lifespan. You want to make sure an expert always performs these services. Come to our team for the best service in Milton.

Milton, FL AC Repair and Maintenance Options

Is your air conditioner making questionable noises like rattling, banging, grating, or scraping? Are you losing out of airflow? Are you noticing any odd smells? It might be time for you to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair in Milton, FL. Our AC repair technicians are routinely trained to provide reliable service on a number of system types and brands.

Even if you’re not having an air conditioning issue, it’s always a great idea to schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance. Maintenance is what’s going to keep your AC running like new when you need it to.

Heating Services in Milton, FL

Your heating services are important too! We know that heating doesn’t always seem like it’s a heavy hitter when you live somewhere like Florida, but you’ll regret overlooking this part of your home when those cold winter nights roll around. We’re the team you can call to ensure that you’re getting the best work possible. We can perform any service that you need from installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement work. Stay cozy this winter with our professional service.

Improve Your Home Performance

Are you trying to improve your home performance? When we speak about "home performance" at Commander Air Inc. we’re specifically referring to services like water heaters, generators, and indoor air quality services. All these services really establish the foundation of your home-water heaters keep you comfortable, generators keep you safe in the face of an outage or emergency, and indoor air quality services make sure you breath clean air. You can rely on us to service any of these systems.

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