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There are some indicators of water heater problems that you’ll probably be motivated to deal with right away. For example, if it stops running entirely and you only have cold water, you won’t want to shower until you get it fixed! If the temperature drops, and your water is lukewarm, which can happen if just one of the heating elements fails, you’ll also get it fixed right away.

Some water heater issues don’t involve cold showers, so you might not realize how urgent it is to get water heater repair in Milton, FL. But because these issues can indicate that major problems are about to happen, you must take them seriously. Here are the two things you should be most aware of. If your water heater shows signs of either of these problems, get plumbing help right away.

1: Discolored or Smelly Water

Your water should be clear, and it should not have a smell. If your cold water is cloudy or discolored, or you notice an odor regardless of the temperature of the water, the problem probably has to do with your municipal water department, your main water line, or perhaps even a particular fixture, if it’s only happening in one place.

If it’s only your hot water that has a color or a smell, the water heater is to blame. How is it changing the color or smell of your water? Well, water makes an excellent home for bacteria. If you have a bacterial growth problem in your water heater, it can affect the color and smell of your water. It can also be a health risk, so it needs to be addressed right away.

There is a component inside your water heater called the anode rod. It makes the water in the tank a hostile environment for bacteria, to prevent this problem from happening. It usually does not last as long as the water heater itself. A plumber can flush your tank to clean away the bacteria and replace the anode rod to keep the tank clean.

Rust is another possibility, if you are only experiencing discoloration and not odor. That same component might be a factor. It’s also sometimes referred to as the sacrificial anode rod, because it will be consumed by rust before the rest of the system. If the issue is addressed promptly, it may be able to be replaced while preserving the water heater. If repairs are delayed, the rust will spread.

2: Visible Corrosion

Although we rarely think about our water heaters as long as we have plenty of hot water, it’s a good idea to go take a peek at yours from time to time. If you can see any corrosion or rust anywhere on it, consult a plumber right away. This is the main factor in water heaters needing to be replaced, so take this very seriously.

If the rust is on connectors or minor components, they need to be replaced immediately in order to prevent the corrosion from spreading to the tank itself. If the tank is rusting, you need a new water heater. We know it’s not the news anyone wants to hear, but once the tank starts to corrode, it’s only a matter of time before the structural integrity fails and major leaks occur.

Whether you suspect one of these problems, have another water heater concern, or just want to schedule routine maintenance to decrease the likelihood of these problems occurring, don’t delay, reach out right away.

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