The One Surprising Reason Pool Heaters Are a Massive Benefit

April 8th, 2024

Having a pool is a blessing and a luxury. It turns your home into a resort getaway and every day into a mini-vacation. But if that pool water is terribly cold, you’re not going to get as much use or enjoyment out of it. Swimming season will be limited to the time of year when temperatures are hottest, and you won’t want to jump into the pool early in the morning or late in the evening.

You need a pool heater! With this system in place, swimming season can be all year long. You won’t hesitate to get in the water during the cool early-morning hours. Your yard will be the ideal spot for kids and grandkids to gather. It will even increase the value of your home. But the greatest benefit that you’ll get from having a pool heater is something that might not even have crossed your mind.

Whether you’ve newly gotten a pool, are considering a pool heater for the first time, or simply need a pool heater replacement in Ferry Pass, FL, we would love to help you make your pool the health spa of your dreams.

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How Gas Fireplaces Can Help You Spend Less on Heating This Winter

March 25th, 2024

Ahh, a fireplace. It’s the ideal image of a toasty, cozy, welcoming space. Whether it’s rustic or elegant, old-fashioned or top-of-the-line, a fireplace can’t be beat for atmosphere and making a house feel like a home. Unfortunately, wood-burning fireplaces are messy and inconvenient, and perhaps worst of all, they’re extremely inefficient.

A gas-burning fireplace can provide that welcoming atmosphere and cozy, homey feeling without getting your living room covered in sawdust, bark bits, and ash. And it can help you to spend less on heating. Not only is a gas-burning fireplace more efficient than one that burns wood, it’s also a cheaper way to heat than your electric furnace. Here’s why.

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Why Get a Dual Fuel System? We Have a Few Reasons

March 11th, 2024

These days, you might hear a lot about heat pumps, energy efficiency, or hybrid heating systems, but you might not know exactly what’s true and what’s just exaggeration or sales pitches. It can be hard to determine exactly what would be best for your home when you’re in the market for a heating system. 

Is a heat pump enough? What if it isn’t? Is it worth the risk of not having enough heat, just to cut your heating bill? Just how efficient are these things, anyway? And what can you do if you want that efficiency but you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort? Consider a dual fuel system. Here are some great reasons why.

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Furnace Breakdown Checklist: Can You Fix It Yourself?

February 26th, 2024

Oh, no! Your furnace has totally stopped working! What the heck is going on? Do you need to call for emergency furnace repair? Wait a moment. While it would never be a safe or sensible choice to open up your furnace cabinet and start tinkering around, you might not need professional repairs just yet, either.

Before you do anything else, you should check on some basics. When your furnace simply isn’t running, or starts but immediately stops, follow this checklist to see if you can resolve the problem yourself.

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Heat Pump Not Switching Modes? Here’s What’s Wrong

February 12th, 2024

There are two things about heat pumps that make them absolutely amazing. The first is their efficiency, especially when it comes to heating. Since they only transfer heat rather than having to generate it, they use less energy in comparison to other heating systems such as furnaces. 

The second is their ability to function both as heating systems and as air conditioners. But when that ability is compromised, it can cause incredible frustration. What good is this amazing system when it can’t do the jobs it’s designed to do? If your heat pump won’t switch modes, there’s one component which is responsible: the reversing valve. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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Furnace Not Working All of a Sudden? It Might Be This Little Sensor

January 15th, 2024

When a furnace completely stops working during the coldest depths of winter, it’s a huge problem. You can’t wait around for repairs until you get hypothermia and fall over like a frozen iguana dropping out of a tree! But we’ve got some excellent news for you. One of the most common causes of a sudden furnace breakdown is actually very simple.

There are safety mechanisms built into your furnace. This protects you from things like gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. One part of your furnace’s safety system is called the flame sensor. It’s very easy for it to stop working properly, and lucky for you, it’s also easy to fix.

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How Ductless Heating Saves You Money

January 1st, 2024

Taken together, heating and cooling costs are a huge chunk of any family or homeowner’s expenses. According to the US Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling account for 52% of the average American household’s energy use. Clearly, anything that can be done to reduce that energy usage will put money back in your pocket.

Luckily, there are ways to dramatically cut the energy you spend on both heating and cooling. In Florida, if you use a furnace, you’re spending a lot of money you don’t need to. Here’s how a ductless system can cut your energy use and your bills.

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2 Important Signs You Can’t Ignore from Your Water Heater

December 18th, 2023

There are some indicators of water heater problems that you’ll probably be motivated to deal with right away. For example, if it stops running entirely and you only have cold water, you won’t want to shower until you get it fixed! If the temperature drops, and your water is lukewarm, which can happen if just one of the heating elements fails, you’ll also get it fixed right away.

Some water heater issues don’t involve cold showers, so you might not realize how urgent it is to get water heater repair in Milton, FL. But because these issues can indicate that major problems are about to happen, you must take them seriously. Here are the two things you should be most aware of. If your water heater shows signs of either of these problems, get plumbing help right away.

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4 Reasons Why HVAC Service Repair Saves You Money Every Day

December 4th, 2023

Heating and cooling comprise the majority of energy expenses in many American homes. While keeping your home at a safe and comfortable temperature is absolutely necessary, it might be the case that not all of that expense is necessary. If energy is being wasted, it can be very costly to you, so it’s worth doing what you can to eliminate that waste.

Where is that wasted energy going? One of the most common culprits are small damages to your machinery that cause inefficiency. We’re going to explain why you need service repair in Brent, FL to help.

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How Long a Whole House Generator Installation Really Takes

November 20th, 2023

Whole house generators are amazing. They provide power during outages without any of the hassles of portable generators, like exhaust ventilation hazards, extension cords, fuel storage or running out to buy fuel, having to start the generator manually, or choosing which things to power. The whole house generator comes on automatically and powers everything!

That said, a whole house generator is not something you can simply purchase when the power goes out. A lot of planning needs to go into it. The whole house generator installation process begins well before the generator actually arrives at your home. Here’s a timeline of what to expect.

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