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Whole house generators are amazing. They provide power during outages without any of the hassles of portable generators, like exhaust ventilation hazards, extension cords, fuel storage or running out to buy fuel, having to start the generator manually, or choosing which things to power. The whole house generator comes on automatically and powers everything!

That said, a whole house generator is not something you can simply purchase when the power goes out. A lot of planning needs to go into it. The whole house generator installation process begins well before the generator actually arrives at your home. Here’s a timeline of what to expect.


Your first step is consulting with a professional in whole house generator installation in Ensley, FL. The best choice would be a company that can provide maintenance and repair, keeping your generator going for years to come. Your generator expert will help you select the right generator for your home and your needs. Square footage, layout, and energy use will all be considered.


There are several things that need to be determined about your home before the installation can go forward. The ideal position outside your home needs to be found. Any obstacles to the installation or challenges to getting the generator in position must be considered. And necessary modifications to your electrical system or natural gas line must be planned for.


If authorization from local authorities is required, there may be a wait while your permits are processed. This is the lengthiest part of the process, as it may take weeks for your municipality to grant your permit. This may be frustrating, but permits for major gas or electrical work are important for ensuring the safety of your community.


Those electrical or gas line modifications will take place before the installation itself. If your home is not connected to your local natural gas provider, that will have to be done by the utility company itself, but your generator expert can help you determine what’s necessary and how to go about it. Finally, a concrete pad will be created for the generator itself to sit on.


The big day has arrived! Your generator will be moved into position on the new concrete pad. The electrical and gas connections will be made. A transfer switch will be installed—this is what makes it possible for the generator to come on automatically. And when everything is ready, the system must be tested. This involves shutting off your power to allow the generator to take over.

This portion, the actual installation, will take hours but can usually be completed during a single day. However, as you can see, that day is just the final portion of a lengthier process. Planning ahead is necessary for whole house generators, but they are absolutely worth it. When you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to be with you throughout the whole process.

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