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Many of the concerns our customers have with their air conditioners are so common, we see them every week if not every day during the summer. Short-cycling systems, iced-up evaporator coils, blower fans not blowing—none of these are any surprise at all. But once in a while, we do see something more surprising.

Even if you’re not sure what’s wrong or whether we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out if you think there’s something odd going on with your air conditioner. Don’t worry, even if it’s strange, we’re ready to tackle it. How strange can it get? Here are some of the most uncommon air conditioning repairs we deal with.

A Sinking Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner contains the compressor, a vital component that pressurizes refrigerant to keep it flowing and absorbing and releasing heat. To keep the outdoor unit stable and to steady it from the vibration the compressor causes, it is almost always mounted on a slab of concrete instead of on the ground.

The drain for your AC system’s condensate will also be in a similar area. Sometimes, because of water from this drain, stormwater or flooding issues, or other causes of instability in the ground, the concrete slab begins to sink! This can damage or disconnect refrigerant coils or electrical lines. If it sinks to one side and tilts, it can cause your AC to stop working or damage the compressor.

What can be done about this strange problem? Sometimes, the concrete slab just needs to be shored up. Other times, a new slab needs to be installed. And if damage has occurred to any part of the system, a qualified technician can put things right.

An Air Handler Peeling off the Wall

If your AC system is ductless, it has multiple air handlers mounted high on the walls. Each one contains refrigerant coils that cool the air before blowing it out. This means each one also has a drainage system for condensation that develops on those coils. A clog or other problem with the drain can allow water to back up and overflow.

It’s very rare, but that water can cause the air handler itself to begin to peel away from the wall it’s mounted on. If you see any signs of water damage or dripping below your ductless air handler, you need air conditioning repair in Cantonment, FL.

Snakes in the Motor

Rodents in homes are pretty common, and they can nibble at ductwork and cause various other issues. In some climates, rodents aren’t the only pests who might come into a house. Snakes have been known to slide into ducts, possibly in search of those rodents. And once in a while, they get far enough into the system to reach the blower fan motor!

After slithering through the cool ducts, a cold-blooded snake would be delighted to find a motor that generates warmth. It might decide to wrap itself around that motor to soak up the heat. This would block airflow and lead to overheating! It’s an odd cause for a burned-out motor, but it’s still completely fixable, so don’t worry.

Whatever your odd issue may be, we’re happy to help!

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