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These days, you might hear a lot about heat pumps, energy efficiency, or hybrid heating systems, but you might not know exactly what’s true and what’s just exaggeration or sales pitches. It can be hard to determine exactly what would be best for your home when you’re in the market for a heating system.

Is a heat pump enough? What if it isn’t? Is it worth the risk of not having enough heat, just to cut your heating bill? Just how efficient are these things, anyway? And what can you do if you want that efficiency but you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort? Consider a dual fuel system. Here are some great reasons why.

The Benefits of Both Heat Pumps and Furnaces

With a dual fuel system, also sometimes called a hybrid heating system, you will have both a heat pump and a gas furnace. They will be connected in tandem, so that they will automatically and seamlessly switch which one is being used based on the temperature and your home’s needs.

As long as it’s not too cold for the heat pump to work efficiently, the system will keep the heat pump running. When it gets too cold, and the efficiency drops, the system will kick on the gas furnace just for as long as it is necessary. This means you’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

For the majority of the time, you’ll have the amazingly high efficiency of the heat pump, but you’ll also always have plenty of heat, no matter how cold it gets. And how efficient is that heat pump? It’s amazing! Because it doesn’t create any heat (an extremely energy-intensive process) and only has to move it from one place to another, it uses only a fraction of the energy.

Eliminating the Drawbacks of Both Heat Pumps and Furnaces

What’s the drawback of a heat pump? When temperatures drop below 40°F and stay there for too long, the heat pump becomes less efficient. When temperatures stay below freezing, its inefficiency increases and it struggles to keep your house warm. And what’s the drawback of a furnace? Well, the cost of keeping it running, of course. But with a dual fuel system, both of those drawbacks are eliminated.


Maybe this sounds amazing, but you already have a heat pump. (Maybe it sounds amazing because you do already have a heat pump, and it’s just not providing enough warmth on those coldest winter nights.) We’ve got great news! If you’ve got a heat pump, you’re already halfway to a dual fuel system.

This type of system does not need to be installed all at once. You can have the backup gas furnace installed afterward and connected to your HVAC system in such a way that it will come on automatically when it is needed. So if you’re interested in dual fuel systems in Pace, FL, whether you already have a heat pump or not, we can get you set up to enjoy all those benefits.

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