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For most of the winter in our region, a heat pump can provide sufficient warmth all by itself. These systems work at peak efficiency even as temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

During the coldest stretches, though, a heat pump just might not quite cut it. It will try harder and harder to warm your home, using more energy than it should and still not achieving ideal warmth.

A heat pump is still an amazing piece of HVAC technology, though, and you could still reap all the benefits of it without worrying about getting too cold. How? With a dual fuel system! To provide adequate heat when necessary while keeping energy use as low as possible, a dual fuel system has a backup furnace for the heat pump.

Energy savings is the most obvious benefit here. By using a heat pump to provide most of the heat you need, you’ll rarely be generating heat. Instead, you’ll be transferring it, absorbing it in one place to use in another. Transferring heat uses a fraction of the energy it would take to generate the same heat.

But there are some less-obvious benefits to embracing the idea of dual fuel in Bellview, FL. Here are three of the ones you might not have considered.

1: Financial Benefits

You already know that you’ll use less energy with this system, since it only transitions to running the backup furnace when it’s absolutely necessary, and spends most of the time providing heat at an astounding level of efficiency. But there are financial benefits beyond just lowering your monthly energy bills.

Because heat pumps are so energy-efficient, taking pressure off energy infrastructure while decreasing environmental impact, it’s in everyone’s best interest if more people purchase them. So most regions and municipalities offer rebates to residents who get heat pumps. Many utility companies offer incentives as well, and there is even an impressive federal tax credit you can claim.

2: Ease of Transitions

Heat pumps do not automatically switch between heating and cooling, but they make it very simple for you to do so. Just change your thermostat setting to whichever you need, and the heat pump will sort the rest out, reversing the flow of refrigerant to provide the climate control you desire.

Dual fuel systems do automatically turn the furnace on when heat pump operation alone ceases to be efficient and effective. You’ll never have to wonder how cold it will get overnight and whether you need to turn the furnace on—the system will use the furnace if it needs to, and switch back to using the heat pump as soon as it can, without requiring your assistance.

3: Peace and Quiet

If you’re replacing an old air conditioner, you might be delighted to find that your new heat pump doesn’t make nearly as much noise. Advances in HVAC technology make it possible to use blower motors and compressors at lower power levels, not just saving energy but also operating more quietly.

To get details about the dual fuel options that would work best for your home, ask a qualified HVAC professional.

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