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Keeping cool in the midst of summer depends on efficient and effective AC – and that means homeowners need to know which air conditioning noises spell trouble.

Calling for AC repair in Gulf Breeze, FL when your air conditioner sounds like it’s developing a fault is a smart move – as long as you know which kinds of sounds to listen for.

Here are some examples of AC sounds that no air conditioner ought to make.

1. Rattling or Clanging

A loose component in your AC unit often begins as a rattling sound and turns into a clanging noise if left unsolved for too long. Loose pieces inside your AC are big trouble, so call on an expert to give your unit a look.

2. Screeching or “Screaming”

A screech or scream from your AC is sure to raise the hairs on your neck. Not only is that irritating, but it also could mean your AC unit is in trouble. Usually, these noises mean there are metal parts encountering each other, such as a dry motor belt or an off-kilter fan blade.

3. Whistling or Hissing

Hissing sounds coming from your AC mean that there is likely a refrigerant leak. That’s a serious issue that needs the expertise of a professional technician to address it. The longer a refrigerant leak is left alone, the more costly a repair it will be in the end.

4. Bubbling

Another sign that your refrigerant line is leaking is a bubbling sound – something you should never hear in any fully functioning air conditioner. It means air is getting to the refrigerant while it is still in liquid form – and that means you need professional expertise.

5. Continuous clicking

Clicking once as your AC activates is a good sign. Clicking continuously is a much worse sign – it means there could be electrical shorts or difficulties in your AC. Make sure to have an air conditioner that is continuously clicking checked out by a professional technician.

AC Sounds That Are Normal

Not every sound your AC makes means trouble. Before calling for repairs whenever your system makes any sound, double-check what you’re hearing. It could be one of these perfectly innocent sounds from your AC.

Whooshes of air

Air moves through your AC system in order to keep your home refreshed and safe from the heat outside. Hearing that air moving around is normal and a sign that your system is actually working right.

Clicking as the system turns on

A click as the mechanics activate inside your AC unit is a perfectly natural sound for your AC to make. It’s simply everything inside getting ready to keep you cool.

Thudding as the compressor starts up

A thudding sound as your AC kicks into gear is nothing to be worried about. It’s simply your system getting up to speed to keep you cool.

Anytime you need expertise on hand to keep your AC in good working order, reach out for help from Commander Air Inc.

Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations, contact the experts at Commander Air Inc. for the service you need. 

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