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Power outages affect millions of Americans every year. They can be caused by severe weather, but also by vehicle accidents, equipment failure, and more. We rely on electrical power for basic necessities like keeping our homes at a safe temperature. We also rely on it for conveniences that may seem like necessities when we experience an outage: a coffee maker, for example. With a whole home generator, interruptions in the power grid do not have to mean interruptions in your safety and comfort.

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage at your home—and you almost certainly have—you know just how miserable and troublesome they can be. Maybe you have a portable generator that you use when power outages happen. A portable generator can provide some electricity, but there is a lot of inconvenience and risk to using one.

What’s wrong with a portable generator?

Portable generators can lead to a wide variety of problems both small and large. You may find yourself outside, trying to refuel or start up your generator in the unpleasant or even dangerous weather that caused the outage. You may find yourself without the fuel you need to power it up, trying to get to a gas station in the middle of a storm. You may find your home a tangled mess of extension cords as you try to connect your most important appliances. And in a worst-case scenario, they can be truly dangerous. The fuel they burn can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if the fumes get into your home, and just keeping the fuel on hand in case of an outage is a fire hazard.

What makes a whole home generator better?

If you have specific questions about whole home generator installation in Pensacola, FL, our qualified professionals are happy to discuss it with you, but here are the basics:

What are the drawbacks to a whole home generator?

The only drawback is that the cost of having a whole home generator installed is greater than the cost of a single portable generator. However, for that cost, you will have a comprehensive and long-lasting system. And you can maximize the benefit you get for that cost by making sure your whole home generator lasts you many years. Annual maintenance by a qualified technician will address any damage or degradation to the system, keeping you powered up and worry-free.

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