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There’s nothing more delightful than a pool when you live in Florida. Fun and recreation, connecting with family and friends, keeping kids safe by teaching them to swim, and simply cooling off from the heat are all fantastic experiences.

But you don’t want to cool off too much, and pool parties with water too cold for anyone to swim are no fun. A pool heater can help you get a lot more enjoyment from your pool. But can you install it by yourself?

We strongly recommend that pool heater installation be done by qualified professionals. There are many reasons for this, and we’ll share the most important ones right now so you know the difference.

Properly Sizing Your Pool Heater

Like an air conditioner for a home, a heater for a pool comes in different sizes. It’s important to have your pool assessed by someone knowledgeable who can recommend the right size of heater. Too small a pool heater, and you’ll never be able to get the water warm enough. Too large, and you’ll waste money on fuel using an appliance that’s excessive and unnecessary. That’s something we want you to avoid.

Challenges of the Process

A pool heater has two parts. The heating element that goes in the pool is connected to a unit outside. This unit is large and unwieldy, and difficult to move without equipment. It should also be installed on a concrete slab to prevent it from sinking into the ground, wobbling, or becoming tilted. These steps are straightforward for professionals with experience and equipment, but extremely challenging for the average homeowner.

Safety Hazards

In addition to the risk of moving the large pool heater unit, there are other risks that can be incurred by amateur installation. Electrical equipment can injure or kill the person installing it if they are untrained, or cause future risks such as fires if it is not installed correctly.

And as most pool heaters are powered by natural gas, there are risks like carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks. In fact, in most places, all equipment that uses gas is required by law to be installed, maintained, and repaired by professionals with proper licensing and certification.

Future Repair Needs

One of the main factors in how many repairs a heating appliance needs is how it was installed. Amateur installations lead to a much higher rate of repair calls.

Some of the things that you might notice with a pool heater in need of repair are strange noises, smoke or soot from the unit, the heater shutting off when it shouldn’t, and the water temperature not staying where you want it. To avoid these problems, make sure your pool heater is installed by experts in pool heater installation in Brent, FL.

If you want to get the most out of your pool and are curious about your options, a qualified professional from our team would love to have a conversation with you.

Contact the team at Commander Air Inc. Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations.

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