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When you hear an unusual sound coming from your furnace, it is a sign that something is off. Strange sounds should be responded to with a call for professional furnace repair in Gulf Breeze, FL. Even if the furnace seems to be operating correctly, ignoring odd noises can result in an early heating system breakdown.

One noise to treat seriously is a booming sound. Booming noises can be startling and may pop up shortly after you turn the furnace on. When your furnace starts making this sound, don’t panic. But DO turn it off and get a technician to come by and examine your heater ASAP.

What Causes Booming Sound?

Most of the time, the furnace makes a booming sound when the burner cannot ignite immediately. This allows for gas to build up as the burner struggles to ignite – either from the electronic ignition system or pilot light. When the burner ignites eventually, the combustion chamber already has a large amount of gas to burn off which leads to the distinct boom that you hear.

Your furnace isn’t going to explode. But this noise does mean that it is time to call for repairs. If you leave the noise unaddressed, the system’s efficiency will drop, and it could also create additional problems, such as a cracked heat exchanger, that endangers the lives of people around.

Many things could be responsible for a burner that has trouble igniting. The most common cause is when there is build-up in or around the burner. The build-up of dust and dirt on your burner can be addressed by a professional who knows how to clean things off properly. Likewise, the delayed ignition could be due to a worn-out or broken-down burner that needs repairs or replacement.

Other causes of delayed ignition for your furnace are:

Tips to Avoid Delayed Ignition

As stated above, booming sounds in a furnace aren’t something to ignore. However, you can often prevent this issue from springing up in the first place.

After leaving your device unused for a long time, proper cleaning of your unit is ideal. You will need an HVAC technician to clean the gas burners. This is essential to get rid of links, rust, dust, and other debris that might hamper ignition and trigger a delay. This is a task that is usually taken care of during a maintenance appointment so make sure to schedule your tune-up regularly each year to save yourself time and stress!

Whatever noise your furnace makes and whatever the core issue is, you must always leave repairs to a professional. This is for the well-being of your furnace and the safety of you and your loved ones.

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