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There’s no doubt the weather is hot in Florida in August. It’s understandable that your air conditioner would have to run a lot of the time. But what if it is always running? What if it just never stops? That’s definitely a sign of a problem. If your air conditioner just keeps running without taking breaks between cooling cycles, you need AC repair. Here’s what may be going on.

A Stuck Relay Switch

A relay switch is meant to switch between closing a circuit—providing power—and opening the circuit—disconnecting power. If it’s stuck in the closed position, the power will be supplied at all times, keeping the whole system running even when there’s no need for it to be.

Fused Compressor Contactor

Similar to the relay switch, the compressor contactor provides power to the compressor in the outdoor unit. If it fuses in a connected position, the power to the compressor will never stop running, so the compressor itself will never stop running.

Faulty Thermostat

Time, and the accumulation of dust and dirt, will eventually cause a thermostat to wear out. It’s also possible for a thermostat to become mis calibrated, meaning that it is no longer consistent between what temperature it displays and how it behaves, and recalibration is possible. One last thermostat possibility is that, while the thermostat may be fine, the wiring connecting it to your air conditioner could be the true cause of the problem.

Failing Limit Switch

The limit switch is intended to shut the system down when a problem makes that necessary. If the limit switch fails, the unit may keep running despite whatever issue it’s encountering.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The outdoor unit is vulnerable to a lot of mess. Dried on mud, layers of dust, or lawn clippings can act like insulation, preventing the release of the heat that was absorbed from your home. This may be an issue you can resolve yourself with a gentle spray of water, just don’t use a high-pressure nozzle.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The indoor unit is home to the evaporator coils, where refrigerant soaks up heat from inside your house. Ice on those coils is both a symptom of a problem—probably a refrigerant leak—and the cause of other problems. That ice insulates the coils and prevents the refrigerant from absorbing enough heat. This can lead to the air conditioner running constantly in an attempt to draw enough heat out of the house. Don’t let it keep going until it damages your compressor! Get AC repair in Ensley, FL.

Dirty Air Filter

When’s the last time you cleaned your air filter? It should be done every month during the heat of the summer when the air conditioner is seeing so much use. If it’s clogged, the system won’t get enough air passing through it, causing it to work harder and harder, and thus more and more of the time.

What to Do When Your AC Won’t Turn Off

Start by checking the thermostat. Is it really set to the temperature you think it is? Then check the air filter. Is it good and clean? Finally, check the outdoor unit. Does it need to be washed? If you’ve eliminated those concerns that you can address yourself, turn off the power at the main panel or with the shutoff switch at the outdoor unit. It’s time for an AC technician to take a look.

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