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When you notice that you’re having a problem heating or cooling your home, it makes perfect sense to assume that there’s something wrong with your heating system or your air conditioner.

But sometimes, that’s not the case at all. Sometimes, the actual culprit is the thermostat, and if that is replaced, your heater and air conditioner will work perfectly.

Here are some indicators that your thermostat might be the cause of your troubles.

While thermostats may be repairable, there are situations where replacement is your only option. And even if it’s not absolutely necessary, you may prefer to upgrade your thermostat, because the new models have a lot to offer.

If Your Heating or Cooling Keeps Turning On or Off

Erratic behavior like turning on and off unexpectedly can be a sign of thermostat trouble. It’s possible that the wiring is coming disconnected. Loose wiring, sometimes making a connection and sometimes failing to, can send inconsistent signals. A professional can determine whether repair is possible or if you need thermostat replacement in Ferry Pass, FL.

If Your Thermostat Displays Incorrect Information

Does your thermostat readout say that your home is at a perfectly pleasant 70 degrees, but you can tell it’s more like 80? Or do you have an independent thermometer that shows a very different temperature from what the thermostat thinks?

It may be a malfunctioning sensor. Perhaps your thermostat could be recalibrated, or perhaps replacement will be the better option.

If Your Utility Bills are Unexpectedly High

Sometimes, a thermostat issue causes heating or cooling systems to work a lot harder than they need to. For example, that problem with the HVAC system turning on and off all the time means that it is going through constant start-ups. Since this is the most energy-intensive part of the cycle, it will cause your utility bills to spike.

If Your Home’s Temperature is Inconsistent

We prefer to have our homes at a steady temperature. And that’s best for your heater and air conditioner, as well. But a failing thermostat might send the correct signals at some times and the wrong ones—or no signals at all—at other times. This can cause your home’s temperature to fluctuate widely.

If Your Thermostat Is Old

A thermostat should generally work well for ten years. Beyond that, it becomes more and more likely to fail. If your thermostat is reaching old age, replacement is definitely a better option than repair.

But even if it’s not failing yet, you might want to upgrade to a smart thermostat which can be programmed to save energy (and money) and can be adjusted with an app on your phone.

If it turns out that you do need or want to replace your thermostat, it’s really something to be relieved about. Even the most top-notch high-tech thermostats on the market are much more affordable than the price tag you’d be looking at if you had to replace your air conditioner or furnace.

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