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While a water heater can last many years with regular maintenance, and may even go years without requiring any repairs, it’s important to know what to keep an eye out for in case your water heater does encounter some trouble.

Here are some signs that you shouldn’t overlook, so you’ll know when to call a professional for repairs and when you might want to consider replacing your water heater.


A rumbling sound coming from your water heater can be caused by a variety of issues, but the most common one is sediment in the tank. This occurs naturally due to minerals in the water and will build up faster if you have hard water.

A plumber can flush your system with a solution that dissolves the scaly buildup, rinse it with fresh water, and get your water heater up and running again without the noise. Since these sounds can have other causes, it’s important for a professional to take a look and diagnose the issue accurately.

Decreased Water Pressure

This is often caused by the same issue. Sediment building up in your system can reduce space for water. Something else could be the culprit, such as the burner assembly developing a clog in the jets because of carbon buildup, or the heating coil having a “dead zone” that doesn’t heat up. Only a qualified plumber can tell you for sure.

Inconsistent Temperature

If the water coming from your hot taps wildly varies in temperature, the most probable cause is a broken dip tube. This is a long pipe that directs cold water down to the bottom of the tank to be heated. If it is broken and releasing cold water somewhere else in the tank, it will not be heated evenly.

You need water heater repair in Brent, FL. The good news is this component can be replaced. It’s also possible that the problem lies with the heating element itself or some other component, and your plumber can determine which it is.


There is a pressure release valve on your water heater, so it’s normal for there to be an occasional small drip. Anything more than that is a serious cause for concern. Leaks need to be dealt with as soon as possible, because they often get worse if left unaddressed, and water damage can quickly become severe and expensive to repair.

If the leak is coming from a connection, where pipes are joined, it is likely that your plumber can repair it. If the leak is coming from cracks or corrosion in the tank itself, it is almost certainly time to think about replacement. In the meantime, shut off the water line to the water heater so that no further damage occurs.

If you do find yourself in need of a new water heater, our team is happy to answer your questions and help you find a system that best suits the needs of your home and your family.

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