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Time for a new water heater? There’s this big talk about tankless water heaters being more energy efficient and saving you money, but there are caveats.

It’s time to replace your water heater and you’re not sure which system type works best for you and your family. Let us help you with that.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Water heaters traditionally keep a whole tank of water at a high temperature at all times, so it can be available whenever it is needed. Tankless systems heat water as it is being used. Instead of having to heat forty or sixty gallons at once, or even more, they simply heat 2-5 gallons per minute as you use it.

Similarities Between Tank and Tankless Systems

Both systems are available in gas and electric models. Both systems are effective at providing hot water. They do both require regular maintenance in order to function optimally, and they will both decrease in efficiency without that maintenance.

If your home has hard water, you will need to have either system regularly flushed so the minerals from your water won’t build up enough to cause mayhem in the system.

Pros of Tankless Systems

Cons of Tankless Systems

We’d love to discuss tankless water heater replacement in Belleview, FL with you. A technician can help you determine your household hot water usage and answer any questions you may have.

Contact the team at Commander Air Inc. Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations.

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