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Your AC turns on, and you feel the relief as your room begins to cool. But then the air conditioner shuts off, and the room starts to heat up again quickly. Then the fan kicks on again, only to shut off shortly afterward.

The process repeats indefinitely and your AC never seems to stop running while your house never stays cool for long.

Sound familiar? You may be dealing with short cycling. This is a common problem that affects homeowners and businesses throughout Florida. Read on to learn more about short cycling and how it affects your home.

If you recognize any of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule AC repair in Pace, FL.

What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is a term that describes a problem with the cooling process occurring inside your air conditioning unit. In the simplest terms, short cycling refers to what happens when the air conditioner shuts off before it’s completed the full cooling cycle.

Usually, this cooling process lasts around 15 minutes, but a short-cycling system could shut off after 5 or 10. It will likely kick back on and repeat this cycle as it tries to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat.

There are several reasons why you may encounter this problem. Some of the most common causes of short cycling include:

Why Is Short Cycling a Bad Thing?

While short cycling might not seem like such a big deal, it actually carries a lot of negative consequences.

The Importance of Short Cycling Repairs

If you think your AC is short cycling, scheduling professional repairs right away is crucial. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of other costly damages, but you can spare yourself from hefty energy bills and discomfort as well.

As with any AC repair, sooner is better than later. Even minor problems can spiral into expensive repairs or even replacements without intervention. If you’d like to speak with a professional technician about getting your air conditioner inspected, we’re always here to help.

Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations. Contact Commander Air Inc. for your system repairs today.

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