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How to Prep Your Home for a New Air Conditioner Installation


It’s the perfect time of year to get a new air conditioner! You’ll be just in time to enjoy the luscious coolness it provides for summer. And these new models are so effective and so efficient, you’ll be thrilled with your purchase. But when’s the last time you had an air conditioner installed?

It may have been ten or twelve years since you’ve gotten a new air conditioner. Or possibly, you purchased your home with the existing AC system already installed, and have never had to navigate this process. How should you prepare for your air conditioner installation appointment? We’ll help you know what to expect and how to get your home ready.

Clear Your Schedule

If there are any complications which require more than a single day’s work, your contractor will have explained them to you. This could be something like needing to have ductwork installed or extensively repaired. Otherwise, your installation will take place within just one day. Sometimes, it’s as quick as four hours, but it can take more like eight, so clear your schedule for the day.

Clear Your Entryway

Figure out where the delivery truck will park. Make sure there’s a clear path from there to the door that will be easiest to get the indoor unit through, and through your house to where the existing unit is. Also make sure there’s a clear path from the driveway to the outdoor unit, so your installers won’t slip on a skateboard or knock over your birdbath.

Clear the Indoor Area

Your installers will be conscientious and professional, taking the time to prep the area where they’ll work indoors to minimize any mess and avoid damaging your home. Anything you can do to make this easier ahead of time will streamline the installation process. They’ll need some elbow room to remove the old unit and get the new one in position, so make plenty of space.

Clear the Outdoor Area

It’s common for outdoor AC units to have leaf litter or lawn clippings blown against them, for grass and plants to grow up close to them, or for shrubs and trees to crowd them. To make sure your installers have space to work, and to allow plenty of airflow for the outdoor unit, clear all of this away.

Clear the Work Area of Pets

Right before your installation, make sure your pets are shut in a part of the house the installers won’t need to access. This will keep them safe, so their paws won’t be underfoot and they can’t escape out the door while large equipment is being carried through. It will also help keep the installation process quick and easy. As charming as a curious pet is, it can get in the way and slow things down.

And now you’re ready for your appointment! If you have any questions about your particular installation process, or about maintenance or air conditioning repair in Bellview, FL for your new system, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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