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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Pensacola, FL

At Commander Air Inc., we believe that you deserve to live in a home that’s always comfortable, safe, and healthy. It’s why we only hire such extensively trained indoor air quality professionals and have such a steadfast commitment to our customers. We’re always going to go above and beyond for you. If there’s a problem, we’re the team that’s going to find a solution.

Indoor air quality problems can be a little hard to navigate because it’s not something that you’re always used to dealing with. We seek to make things as easy as possible for you. We only work with the best air filtration and air purification systems that keep your safety and health high. Call us when you want to learn more about improving your IAQ.

Your hometown heating and cooling specialists for three generations. Contact our team to schedule indoor air quality services in Pensacola, FL and the surrounding area.

When to Consider an Air Purifier or Air Filter

Not sure when you need to consider installing an air filter or a UV air purifier in your home? Watch out for these signs:

  • High energy bills
  • You can’t get comfortable when you need to
  • You’re suffering with allergy attacks and respiratory problems
  • You notice high amounts of dust in your home
  • You’re coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or sniffling more often
  • You have symptoms of the common cold when you’re at home

All the signs above point to issues with your home’s indoor air quality system. You can rely on our professionals to assess your problems and help you choose between an air filter or air purifier.

Air Filters Vs. Air Purifiers

We want to make the distinction between air filters and UV air purifiers clear. We meet a lot of homeowners who don’t really understand the difference and use the terms interchangeably—there really is a clear difference in the way that they can function in your home.

Air filters use a tightly wound fibrous filter designed to capture any of the contaminants moving through your home’s vents. Air filters work as your air conditioner, heater, or fan runs.

Air purifiers and specifically UV air purifiers promote health in your home by killing off organisms lingering in your home’s indoor air. Your UV air purifier can do this because it emits ultraviolet light. UV light can kill off germs, contaminants, and other mold spores in your home.

We can help you choose between an air filter or an air purifier and then install the system perfectly. Call our team today to learn more.

Call Our Professionals for HVAC Services in Pensacola, FL

Do you feel a little in over your head when it comes to your home’s indoor air quality work? We understand. We know that we’re indoor air quality specialists, but we’re also homeowners and residents in the area too. We understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the demands of your home—that’s why we have experts on hand.

Our IAQ techs can come out to your home, pinpoint the source of your problems, and then suggest the best air filters or UV air purifiers. We only work with high-quality IAQ brands like Ultra Aire. Come to our team when you want amazing work.

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