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The One Surprising Reason Pool Heaters Are a Massive Benefit


Having a pool is a blessing and a luxury. It turns your home into a resort getaway and every day into a mini-vacation. But if that pool water is terribly cold, you’re not going to get as much use or enjoyment out of it. Swimming season will be limited to the time of year when temperatures are hottest, and you won’t want to jump into the pool early in the morning or late in the evening.

You need a pool heater! With this system in place, swimming season can be all year long. You won’t hesitate to get in the water during the cool early-morning hours. Your yard will be the ideal spot for kids and grandkids to gather. It will even increase the value of your home. But the greatest benefit that you’ll get from having a pool heater is something that might not even have crossed your mind.

Whether you’ve newly gotten a pool, are considering a pool heater for the first time, or simply need a pool heater replacement in Ferry Pass, FL, we would love to help you make your pool the health spa of your dreams.

Health and Safety

Keeping your pool heated to a warm, comfortable temperature will have a massive impact on your health, wellbeing, and safety. This will occur because of a variety of factors that the pool heater will improve.

  • Time Swimming: Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. It utilizes all your body’s muscle groups without putting any impact on the joints. It’s amazing for your heart and lungs, for improving endurance, and for weight loss or maintenance. When you’re able to swim more days of the year, and more times during each day, you’ll easily get more of that ideal exercise. 
  • Pain Reduction: Getting into cold water, or getting out again, can make muscles stiff. It can increase joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. In contrast, getting into warm water or spending more time in warm water can have the exact opposite effect. Previously stiff muscles will relax. Joint pain and arthritis symptoms will diminish.
  • Mental Health: In addition to the mental health benefits of increasing the time you spend exercising, studies have shown that relaxing in warm water is good for your state of mind. It decreases stress and increases a sense of peacefulness, much like meditation. 
  • Water Safety: If your household includes children, or you have children in your family who visit often, making sure they know how to swim could have a lifesaving impact. And when children are learning to swim, they’ll spend more time at it and their abilities will improve more quickly when that water is invitingly warm.

Pool Heater Installation

It’s important to have your pool heater installed professionally. Talking to an expert about your pool heater options will help with selecting the right system for the size of your pool and your preferences. And you should always choose someone to install your pool heater who also offers maintenance and repair services for the system.

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