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When Do I Know My Water Heater Needs Repairs?


Some people like cool showers, others like warm showers, and still others prefer to see how hot they can make their water without burning themselves. Everyone has their temperature preferences for a shower but it is rare to find a person who enjoys having their shower suddenly turn icy while they are rinsing off.

When the water temperature in your home suddenly drops, it is normally a sign that you should reach out for water heater repair in Pensacola, FL. With that said, however, it is beneficial if you know what the signs are that your water heater is running into trouble before all semblance of warmth is lost.

We can help with both of these goals.

Warning Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Repairs

The name of the game here is catching a potential problem within your water heater before it has a chance to get bad enough that you have no hot water and find yourself showering at the gym. Warning signs that you will want to know about include:

  • Temperature fluctuations: The water doesn’t have to be cold for you to know that something is up. Water that is cooler than normal without reason, or water that fluctuates in temperature every few minutes, can be an indicator your hot water heater is struggling.
  • Rumbling noises: While your hot water heater isn’t likely to be silent, there are some noises that signal trouble. Specifically, rumbling coming from this system can indicate that there is a build-up of sediment within your system. If caught early enough, a trained plumber can flush your system to get rid of the sediment.
  • Rusty Colored Water: Have you noticed that, when you turn on the hot water tap, the water coming out seems almost orange? Rusty colors within your hot water aren’t normal. In fact, they mean bad news as they are the result of rust within your hot water heater.
  • Water Around Your Hot Water Heater: If you go into your garage or basement and notice there is any amount of water around your water heater, you should call a plumber. This is because the presence of water indicates a potential leak in your system. The sooner this issue is taken care of the better.

Call the Plumbing Professionals of Pensacola

We’ve been serving the Pensacola area since 1965 so when we say we have the experience you are looking for, we mean it. We’ve built our success and our long-standing reputation on being an honest and dependable company that is committed to customer satisfaction

Whether you have a water heater that can’t do its job, or a clog in your drain that you simply can’t get rid of, you can depend on the professional plumbers on our team. We always seek to exceed your expectations with our workmanship so, the next time your plumbing is in trouble, rest assured in knowing you can contact the team at Commander Air for help.

Your hometown heating and cooling specialist for three generations. Contact Commander Air today for your next service visit.

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