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Factors That Impact Your IAQ


“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”

You may have heard this statement before and, if you have ever been somewhere that was both hot and humid, you likely know how true it is! This is the impact that air quality can have on your comfort and it is just one factor that can help or hinder your indoor air quality.

We provide effective indoor air quality services in Ferry Pass because we understand how important good IAQ is to your comfort, your health, and even your wallet. If you don’t know what factors might help or hinder your IAQ, we are happy to give you that information and assist in optimizing your indoor air quality too.

What Do We Mean By “Indoor Air Quality?”

We want to start here because we believe everyone should know what indoor air quality is so they can better understand its role in their home environment. In short, this is exactly what it sounds like: your IAQ is the quality of the air in your home which can impact your comfort and well-being. Good IAQ can produce great comfort and health while bad IAQ can create the opposite.

What Can Impact Your IAQ?

Now that you know what your IAQ is, you are going to want to learn about what factors can either help or hinder it. There are a few that we think you should know about:

  • Airborne debris: Have you ever walked outside and seen the dust in the air? It doesn’t make you want to spend extra time outdoors does it? The same goes for the air inside your home. If you have a large amount of dust, dirt, fur, or other debris floating around your house, it won’t be helpful to your HVAC system or to your comfort.
  • Airborne viruses and bacteria: Viruses and bacteria can wriggle into your home through the air flowing from your ductwork. They may not create as visible a presence as dust does but they can certainly impact your IAQ–good air quality doesn’t make you sick or aggravate your allergies!
  • The presence of fresh air: Have you ever spent extra time in a large office building or spent days holed up at home and realized that the air you are breathing feels stale? You aren’t imagining it; fresh air is necessary to keep the air in your home feeling pleasant rather than artificial.
  • The humidity level: Last but not least, humidity is a huge factor in your IAQ–but not always in a bad way. During summer, you want the humidity in your home to be on the lower side, but during winter, a higher level of moisture can actually increase your comfort.

If you are noticing that the air in your home is feeling a little off, or even if you aren’t sure whether your IAQ is good or bad, our professional technicians can help. Our services can assess your IAQ and help to provide effective solutions that will help you breathe easy all year long.

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