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Is It Time For a New Heating System?


Your tolerance for cold weather may not be as strong as your cousin’s up north (she lives up near Maryland after all) but that doesn’t mean you get cold this easily. Something is up and you can literally feel it. But you’ve gotten maintenance for your heater and even had to get it repaired a few times recently so what could possibly be wrong with it?

Chances are that if this situation sounds familiar to you, it is time to get a replacement system for your home’s heating in Pensacola, FL. If your heater is on its last leg, the sooner you get this system replaced the better for your comfort and your energy bills.

How to Tell It Is Time For a New Heater

Figuring out that you need a new heater shouldn’t be guesswork. There are several indicators to check for that will let you know if and when you need to schedule a replacement. Here are some of the key signs to know:

  • Your current system is close to or beyond 15-years-old. Heaters are built to last–just not to last forever. Check the manufacture label on your heater if it is possible to see when it was made. This can give you a good point of reference to figure out how old your heater is. If your system is well over 10 years old and is nearing or has passed the 15-year mark, it is time to schedule a replacement.
  • The system needs too many repairs. Repairs will pop up every now and then for your heater. However, if the system needs repairs on a yearly basis, it means that it is rapidly starting to break down. At this point, it is better to plan for a replacement rather than yet another repair.
  • Repairs have gotten to be too expensive. The frequency of repairs isn’t the only warning sign of a heater on its way out–price is too! A good rule of thumb to remember is that if a repair costs equal to half the amount of a new system, your money is better invested in a new heater. Overall a new system will end up helping you save money through improved energy efficiency.
  • Your heater just can’t keep up. You’ve gotten maintenance and repairs done; kept your thermostat demands reasonable, made sure the house is sealed, and so on. So why can’t you get warm? It may be because your heater is simply unable to produce the heat that you need because it needs to retire.

Have a heater that seems to be on its way out? If so, make sure you reach out to us. We can give your heater a thorough check to make sure you actually need a replacement rather than a repair. From there, we can help pair you with the best possible heater for your home comfort needs. you have more than one option so make sure to consider them all!

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